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What’s Next: Online Media Editing and Sharing

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What’s Next: Online Media Editing and Sharing

The abundance of online tools to edit and share media is changing how students make, use, and interact with media.  We are going to emulate students as  we use these new online tools to create projects which involve  editing and sharing video, photos, and music.  Start by editing and sharing using Picnik for photos, Jumpcut for videos, and Splicemusic for audio.  Leave with a better understanding of how these new online tools are being used to support teaching and learning.   


These are not replacements of applications on your computer but rather let you work on content on the internet.  Currently many of these apps are more basic but this might be a glimpse of what is to come in the near future.




Photos - Picnik - http://www.picnik.com/

Editing and sharing photos online.


  • Demo Picnik.com
  • How could students use Picnik?
    • Get photos from home to school.
    • Students can edit photos at home or school for project.
    • Able to work on a project using the photos at home or school.
    • Able to use photos from Creative Commons modify them and then save them for their own use either online or onto their computer.
    • In connection with a blog site.  Move pictures from web, to edit, to flickr and then to a blog without having to download the photo.
    • 5 frame project - http://www.flickr.com/groups/visualstory/
  • Hands on:
    • Register for a Picnik account.  (If you just want to just demo you don't need to create an account.)
    • Get photo(s)
    • Manipulate photos.  Ideas:
      • Make a tonal trend in photos.
      • Make an old fashioned photo.
      • Modify a creative commons photos that could used in a project.
      • Modify a few photos to tell a visual story.
    • Share photos to flickr, picasa web, email.


Other online photo tools:



Video - Jumpcut - http://www.jumpcut.com/

Editing and sharing video online



Other online video editors:



Music - Splice - http://www.splicemusic.com

Editing and sharing music online


  • Demo Splice.com
  • How could students use Splice?
    • Create and share music.
  • Hands on
    • Register for Splice account
    • Load a song
    • Edit the song
    • Make a new song - (need a project)
    • Share?


Other online audio editors:





Other Fun Web Applications:



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