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Web 2what

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This session is being led by Kevin Clark from the Berrien County ISD.

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What's Web 2.0?

There are tons of Web 2.0 applications out there! In this session we'll explore some of them and how they can be used in teaching and learning. Web 2.0 applications are often characterized by the sharing of information or collaborating on projects because they are web-based.



These strike my fancy.



  • Pbwiki...they're providing give-aways for this conference and recently removed all ads from educational wikis!
  • Wetpaint
  • Wikispaces


Online Productivity


Google Gets Its Own Section

Concept Mapping/Drawing


Image Editing


Web Conferencing

  • Vyew
  • Yugma...must download and install a small application







Content Creation



  • gabbly...chat about any web page
  • stikkit...add sticky notes to any web page


Social Bookmarking




Fun Stuff to Keep an Eye On


Where do you find all this stuff?

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