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One Life Not Enough

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  •     Stephen Braunius, Director of Instructional Technology, Zeeland Public Schools
    • email: sbrauniu@zps.org
  •     Matt Inman
  •     Janet Schoettle




Will a virtual learning environment change how students learn and how we teach? In this introduction you will create a Second Life account and then explore the Second Life virtual world. No cost and low cost resources and multimedia capabilities will be highlighted. In Second Life you will model use through a discussion around virtual learning about its impact on education.


Time: 12:45P-2:12P






Second Life is at: http://www.secondlife.com


:S.Braunius: At beginning a slideshow is going that displays quotes and pictures from SecondLife events (0 min)


:M.Inman: Introduce ourselves (5 min)


:M.Inman: Find out who is at the session: (10 min)

    - Who are they?

    - Where are they from?

    - What do they know about SecondLife?

    - What would they like to learn more about?


:J.Schoettle: Go throught the simulation powerpoint and talk about what makes SecondLife different (5 min)


:???: Second Life overview???

    - Basic Overview

       - Avatar based system

          - dress and look any way you want

          - view the world from any angle or through your "eyes"


    - Communication:

       - text chat

       - streaming audio

       - streaming video

       - in world voice (coming soon)

    - Costs:

       - Free to sign up

       - $1 (US) = ~$240 (Linden)

       - Own private space by purchasing an island

          - education and non-profits can purchase small island

             - $980 up front cost

             - $150 monthly maintenance

    - Possible Education opportunities

       - visit ancient Rome

       - visit the Globe theater

       - visit a heart murmer simulator

       - walk through molecular models

       - visit Victorian times

    - Create and build

       - you retain rights to intellectual property

       - create a prim, shape it, color it, texture it, add physics, add lighting

    - Scripting (avatars and objects)

       - movement

       - event sensing

       - audio/video

       - set permissions (own, copy, modify)

    - Attend events

       - concerts

       - author events

       - book discussion groups

       - interactive presentations

       - parties

    - Beware of:

       - need a fast computer and fast internet

       - helps to spend money

       - people will change their looks--don't try to remember avatars based on looks

       - many conversations can be going on at a time

       - The Second Life world and client software are getting updated frequently and are down at times for maintenance

       - People are people in Second Life--good and bad stuff happens

       - People will bump into you and land on you


:S.Braunius: show the SecondLife video clip from Sloodle presenter (5 min)

rtsp://stream.simteach.com/stream.simteach.com/SLforADEC.mov < open this in Quicktime as a Network stream



:M.Inman: show participants how to create a SecondLife account and Login (5 min)


:M.Inman: start participants on the tutorial (15 min)

  • Signing Up for Second Live
    1. Go to http://secondlife.com/
    2. Click on Join Now (orange box in upper left)
    3. Choose Your Second Life Name
    4. Enter Your Birthdate
    5. Enter Your Email Address
    6. Select an Avatar (the way you want to look in Second Life!). Once you have chosen who you want to be click on the “Choose this avatar” button on the bottom.
    7. Fill in the following information: Your Real Name, Password/Security question/answer, Second Life News and Updates, enter this code and click on the box for Terms of Service.
    8. Skip this step - Upgrade to Premium Now Your Second Life account has been sucessfully created. Now download software.
    9. Welcome, _______________


:S.Braunius: visit ISTE (30 min)

    - show participants how to teleport to ISTE

    - meet up with others in Second Life

        - Why is ISTE in SecondLife?

        - What are some good places for us to visit in SecondLife?

          - Infoisland

          - Eduisland

          - Cybrary and Cybrary City

          - Terra Incognita

          - Commonwealth

          - Rome

          - Victorian times

          - Art galleries

          - Museums

        - Why should educators care about SecondLife?

       - Groups to join?

          - ISTE

          - Librarians

          - Others


:J.Shoettle: build something in a sandbox (10 min)

    - handout with basic instructions

    - teleport to location where we can build things


:S.Braunius/All: facilitate "implications for education" discussion in SecondLife and RealLife (remaining time)





Learn more at:

    - Podcasts about Second Life

    - Infoisland.org

    - You Tube videos

    - http://del.icio.us/travelinlibrarian/secondlife

    - http://secondlife.com/knowledgebase/


Education with students in Second Life:




Will Richardson is now in Second Life: http://weblogg-ed.com/2007/setting-up-shop-in-second-life/



SL article from Edutopia:


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