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Moodle Collaborative Tools

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During this session, use Moodle, the free and open source course management system, to learn how to apply Moodle's collaborative tools in a practical school environment.


  • Learn how Moodle's internal messenger can be used to encourage participation, as well as teach important lessons about what is appropriate to write on the web.
  • Participate in a forum discussion about Web 2.0, and see how I use forums in my class to foster debate and critical thinking (plus, see how I grade them!).
  • Create a wiki about the Michigan Merit Curriculum to demonstrate the impact that such editing power can have on your students.
  • Add technology terms to our course glossary - providing not only a collaborative assignment, but a full linkable resource when you're done!
  • Write a haiku about technology based on a rubric that I have created. Then, use that rubric to workshop other haiku!
  • If time permits, take a short Moodle quiz over the material covered in this session.


About the Presenter


I have been using Moodle for as long as I have been teaching. I currently manage over 1000 students on my school's Moodle installation. Seeing the potential in the social aspect of the Internet, I believe that every school should include Moodle as the backbone of their online learning environment. I have spent a lot of time and energy making this a reality in my school. I am here to help make it a reality in yours.





Thank you all for attending my session today. If you would like to read more about my adventures in education, technology, and nonsense, visit my blog. If you would like my help making Moodle happen at your school, please visit my business site.

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